Insurance and You

Did you know there are hidden costs to dental insurance? Many consumers are not given the opporitunity to decided if buying dental insurance is right for them. It is assumed that dental insurnce is like any other health insurance, which is just not true. There are maximums, deductibles and copayments due at the time of service that are not comparable with regualr health insurance. Most patients do not end up using the maximum yearly allowence that they PAY for and many patients leave dental benifits on the table never to be used again.

Here at Dr Morris Smiles General, Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry of Bethesda, MD we pride ourselves on patient education. We will even discuss your dental insurance benifits and formulate a plan to maximize your yearly allowance FREE of charge. With years of experience and patience in  dental insruance benifit education we are your best source and aid in knowing your plan. Give us a call today for a FREE consultation and let us be your guide on your road to a healthy and happy you.  We will provide you with all the tools to make an educated decsision on the things that matter the most to you while giving you the quality in care you deserve.



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